We are a husband and wife that have embarked on an owner builder project here on the Perth coast in Western Australia.We are building with an environmental panel called R9. Follow us to see our process from beginning to end.

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  1. Hi, needless to say I love your house.
    Could you tell me what brand basin taps have you used? They look the part.

  2. Hello there, I think your home is absolutely stunning and I am inspired by your exterior colours. Would you mind telling me what colour your Fascia is? I can’t seem to find it in the blog and I love the idea of Monument roof and Surfmist gutter. From the pictures I think it is a different colour again, shale grey maybe?? Thanks again for sharing your blog, I also love the idea of the R9 greenwall x

  3. Hi,
    Love your house, is there any chance of seeing some floorplans . We are trying to build something similar in Perth from Melbourne and have some plans from our builder but would love to see this style of house in finished sizes if that makes any sense.

      • Hi I love your house you should be so proud. Could you please tell me what the colour or name of the tile is you used in the ensuite down stairs I think it said, also what the colour of the paint is in that room OH and the 2 pack colour used on the vanity. lol Thank you !!!

        • Hi, I am not sure of the brand of tile but it was called beach wood, the colour of the walls are Dulux Dieskau in that bathroom and the vanity is Dulux Flooded Gum half strength.

    • Hi Sascha,
      The wall colour in the kitchen is British paints stone path. We have used it as the main wall colour throughout with a half strength in the bedrooms.
      The kitchen cabinets are Dulux Vivid white πŸ™‚

  4. Hello! What a beautiful house you have designed and built. I love your floors!!
    We were looking at putting Roasted Peat in ours but we are unsure if it will be too dark and seeing this lovely American White Oak colour I am very keen to check out some showrooms as it looks beautiful in your home.
    Would you mind telling me the name of the company you purchased it through?
    Congratulations on your stunning home!

    • Hi Natalie, We too wanted to go with roasted peat but it turned into a nightmare for us with the boards being ‘over roasted’ which made it very brittle and full of hollow patches in the wood. The compromise was the white American oak laid over the top of the roasted peat and in the end it has grown on us and I’m sure much easier to look after than the darker timber.
      The company we used was Perth Timber Floors in Mount Lawley, they did a previous floor for us in another house that was beautiful so we went with them again this time. The timber fault with the peat was a supplier issue and Perth timber floors came good with making the situation right for us. But I would caution anyone against going for roasted peat based on our experience with it. Hope this helps x

  5. Hi there, I just stumbled across your blog and just wanted to say how much I love your house. We are are at the early stages of building a contemporary farmhouse style house in Bowral, NSW and, having desperately wanted (but not been able to afford!) a standing seam roof, had decided to go with trim deck. I was delighted (and relieved!) to see how great yours looks! We are also going with a weatherboard and board and batten exterior. Would you mind telling me what you used for your cladding? I would love to see an update of your process – you must be close to moving in?? How exciting! It will be such a lovely house for your family to enjoy. All the best, Ali

    • Hi Ali, Sorry about the late reply to your comment :/ we are really pleased with how the trim deck looks, it was the source of a lot of sleepless nights but we have had so many comments on it (all positive).
      We used just basic weatherboards from CSR in the smaller size (there were two) Ive just done a post with some new picks, as soon as we move in I will take some more. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Nicole,

      FBM corp originally developed the product but R9WA now own the exclusive rights to the product as I understand it. R9WA is a completely independant company and not affiliated with FBM corp. R9WA could answer any questions you have better than I can in this regard but they are two different entities πŸ™‚

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