Finished Facade

This is a bit of a slack post seeing as there is only one photo but I have been meaning to post it since we put the mulch down.
I will post more internal photos over the next week or so as we have finally finished off a lot if rooms. Still so much to do though..

Hampton's style house facade finished

Hampton’s style house facade finished

5 thoughts on “Finished Facade

  1. We’re building a hamptons style house and I’m struggling with whether to go surf mist, basalt or monument. How did you decide? Is hard to see what the colors are like in real life.

    • Hi Sue, We were still undecided up until the night before it was a really difficult decision. The thing that swayed us was that surfmist wasn’t a true white and looking at our garage doors which are framed by white, it does look a little bit out of place, I think if your window trims, guttering e.t.c. were all surfmist as well it would look great. we just drove around and looked at other houses until we just had to make a decision.
      Best of luck, let me know what you decided on.

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