These are the bathrooms so far, excuse the lack of mirrors, they are going up this week. We also have turf (yay no more sand) the majority of the bathroom photos are the ensuite, the wall panelling is finally done, the grey colour of the walls is Dulux Dieskau in both bathrooms.

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13 thoughts on “Bathrooms

  1. I love you bathroom! Particularly the paneling. Is there an issue/concern about the waterproof nature of the paneling? I would love to do it around our bath area but I’m worried about water/ splashing etc (we have kids)

    • Hi Sarah, We are now 4 years in and we have no issues. My 9 year old uses our bath every night and there is always water being splashed, so long as it is sealed and painted with enamel you will be fine πŸ™‚

  2. Hi I love your bathroom it is just gorgeous. We have panelling similar to yours but it goes up about 3/4 of the height of the wall. I was wondering what type of paint you used on your panelling. Was it low sheen, semi gloss? I am really struggling to make a decision on this as there is so much panelling in the lounge.

    • Hi Julie,
      Sorry about the late reply, I have had issues with wordpress on my new computer.
      From memory we used a low sheen or satin, I didn’t want any type of gloss despite the painters suggestions to use it.
      We are happy with the result and two years down the track its holding up well.
      Good luck πŸ™‚

  3. Hello…I am now in your dilemma…and need to choose my interior colour by Monday!!! It is between 1/4 strength Tranquil Retreat or 1/2 strength Dieskau. I don’t want anything dark…I was even considering going Natual White…but hubby thinks it will look all too much having all white (like a hospital) as our kitchen will also be all white and our floor tiles are a very light grey colour.
    I don’t want any brown in the paint…It’s so hard deciding!!!

    • Hi Berny, So sorry I am just replying now but I have only just seen your message. How did you go with the paint selection? I ended up painting mine in full strength Dieskau but it tends to throw a bit of purple in some light, I would definitely suggest a lighter colour maybe 1/4 Tranquil retreat?

  4. Your bathroom looks gorgeous. I have a question for you – and I’m happy to receive your honest opinion – my husband and I are struggling with paint colours. Our initial “want” was a light grey to match our light grey/beige white washed timber floorboards. We are looking at Dulux “Tranquil Retreat” and Dulux “Dieskau”. Dieskau looks warmer, but definitely on the beige side. While Tranquil Retreat look quite cool and blue/grey. We’ve had tried look at these two colours side-by-side, in the day time, during the evening, low light, full on sunshine and just can’t pick it…arrrgh! We actually want to take one of the colours right through our townhouse with the ceiling being white, as well as cornices and skirting. Your Dieskau in the bathroom looks really lovely and welcoming – is that how you still see it and do you see any grey in this colour? Appreciate your help!! We literally have less than 24 hours to make the decision.

    • Hi Lucinda, I hope I’m not too late?
      I had such a hard time picking greys and we almost went for Tranquil retreat in the ensuite and then I found Dieskau.
      I had sample pots, big patches on the wall and deliberated for weeks to try and decide.
      I do like the Dieskau and we have it in both the upstairs bathroom and the downstairs bathroom but I will be honest, in our Ensuite it does tend to look a little bit purple in the afternoon light whereas in the downstairs bathroom it looks brilliant all the time, how its supposed to look, a nice warm grey.
      Its really hard with greys, it bothered me so much that I actually considered repainting the ensuite to Dulux Silkwort to try and loose the ‘purple’ look but now I like it but it definitely looks different depending on the light situation in the room. I thought the same as you it really looks like a nice warm grey but I would maybe get some large samples on the walls in different rooms if you have time.
      Tranquil looks lovely in photos but I never actually got the sample of that one.
      A nice tone of warm grey is Dulux Flooded Gum in half strength, we used this for the downstairs bathroom vanity and the walls in Dieskau, there is a photo if you scroll down to the post entitled ‘bathrooms’ the Flooded Gum half strength is more of a true warm grey and really lovely, its also the colour we did the outside of the house. I kind of wish I had gone for this on the walls as it is looks great.
      Sorry I hope I haven’t confused you more? :/
      I really hope you have some luck, let me know what you decided on.

      • Thank you so much for your reply – it was timely and very informative! I can say that within 5 minutes of reading your reply, I was up and racing to Dulux at full speed!

        I had previously purchased 3 sample pots – Silkwort, Tranquil Retreat and Dieskau. Silkwort was my first sample to hit the wall (in a well lit, double windowed bedroom) and it came out quite dark. 2/ Tranquil Retreat (cool blue/grey) and 3/ Dieskau, which we eventually thought was the best of all three considering we wanted this colour to go throughout. BUT…we too were seeing, at various times of the day, more a grey/mauve tone as opposed to a grey/beige tone.

        So after reading your awesome reply, my visit to Dulux outlet this morning proved quite interesting. When I said what was happening with Dieskau and confirmed it will be framed by Dulux Lexicon Quarter for cornices & skirts, his first comment was “DARK, too dark!” Without a lot of natural light and framed between white, he said it will show as incredibly dark. Hmmmm…not what I had come about, but then I was not about to argue that with a paint expert! After discussing the overall look we were trying to achieve (think French pale greys, whites and hint of beige), he suggested trying 1/2 Dieskau.

        As for trying 1/2 strengths of Silkwort, he said it would be in line then with Tranquil Retreat, and half Tranquil Retreat would hit somewhere close to Dieskau without the warmth, and he seemed to completely skip over my 1/2 Flooded Gum request. So I settled for a sample pot of 1/2 Dieskau, mainly due to the fact that I would say we don’t have a lot of natural light, which seems to be key when picking from these colour swatches, if you want to come close to matching these. Also, it turned out that Dieskau was his most favourite of the Dulux greys. I was being swayed πŸ™‚

        I’ve now put two coats of 1/2 Dieskau alongside the full strength Dieskau and in a few hours time I will take a look. Fingers crossed it hits the mark!

        Again, thank you, thank you, thank you. You have potentially saved us from a colour disaster, given our painter is just hours away!

        Hope you keep going with your blog, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and seeing your decor choices, which were lovely πŸ™‚

        • Hi Lucinda,
          How exciting! let me know what you choose.
          Honestly it seems we dont have as many nice ‘greige’ paint colours here in Australia as they do in America, so hard to find the perfect grey that doesnt throw another colour.
          Picking paint colours nearly sent me insane so I am feeling your pain.
          Hope all goes well, best of luck!

        • Reviving an old post here πŸ™‚
          How did you go with the 1/2 Dieskau? I currently have a sample of that on our living room/kitchen walls (after also trying Tranquil Retreat and thinking it was too blue and dark) but am trying to decide whether it will still look a bit too cool with that faint lavender is seems to throw in certain lights? Any advice or pics of what ended up going with and whether you are happy with the result? Thanks!

  5. Love it all – stunning! Are the lights from Pottery Barn? I bought some very similar for our last house. If you got them locally, love to know where. It’s always hard finding nice lights in Australia! The panelling looks fantastic, really cosy’s up a bathroom. Ali πŸ™‚

    • Hi Ali, The lights were from America, a site called overstock, they ship to Australia and are quite reasonable, although we did have to get the electrician to change the earth wire to make them compliant but no big deal πŸ™‚

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