Tin or Tile Roof Dilemma

Shingle roof

Shingle roof

The time has come for us to decide on a roof covering.

For the most part we had decided to use shingle style roof tile but recently we had been contemplating colorbond because of the proximity of the house to the ocean, I’m not sure if this matters as we have had colorbond and tile in the past but only colorbond near the ocean which has and still is perfect.
I think I am still leaning toward tile roof but the trick is now trying to find a tile that looks close enough to actual shingles without looking too modern and that was the look we were going for originally.
If anyone has any opinions I would love to here your views.

Shingle style roof tiles

Shingle style roof tiles

Colorbond roof

Colorbond roof

colourbond roof 1

dark colorbond roof


4 thoughts on “Tin or Tile Roof Dilemma

  1. Your along my lines of thinking Johanne with the darker shades. I think we will go with tile as it does seem to fit best with the style, white colorbond looks nice also but would completely change the look. Completely agree with you on the solar panels blending in too as those will be a definite.

    • Just checked your recent photos and looks like some of your neighbours have tile and some colorbond. Both look good in your pictures in this post – so probably you can choose your favourite. Our last place was tiled (about 500m from ocean). At 30+ years old it would leak in a storm, but we had the roof “restored” and it came up nicely. Colorbond is not immune to leaking in a storm either. I think the darker colours are more authentic for the style you are going for. Having said that, lighter colours absorb less heat – the significance of that is considerable. If you are putting solar panels on later, they’ll be nicely camouflaged in dark colours.

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