8 thoughts on “Elevations and Floorplans

  1. Hi
    We absolutely love your home. We’re currently planning to build a ‘Hamptons’ style house on a sloping block in Brisbane. I would love to see your floor plans as although we have a concept plan from an architect, we’re not sure whether or not to go with him. We’ve love to incorporate some of your design style in his plans? I can’t seem to see any on your blog – have you posted them and can we see them?

    Thankyou Kristy

    • I realize that you may not want to post your plans as they would have a copyright over them? Our main concern is which way to do the interior stairs – whether to have a return or a flight that is simply straight up? We just love your home’s facade but ours will have to look very different as will be over three levels. Thankyou for all the great information re the colours and windows – you have certainly given us some ideas and we’ll now also be looking at Ikea for sinks etc?

      Kind regards


      • Hi Kristy,
        Apologies for the late reply, the blog is a bit neglected these days. We had the floor plans on the blog originally but they were removed for copyright and also these were an original design and cost us a lot of money to have produced, as I am sure you can understand with you being in consultation with an architect at the moment, I actually had people being quite rude in demanding them so they could see the exact dimensions :/ Our stairs have a small return toward the bottom but that was only due to the amount of floor space we had available. I would have been equally as happy with a flight straight up if we had have had space restrictions as I think both look really nice with this type of house and I don’t think you could go wrong with either look.

  2. Looks fantastic – can’t wait to see the evolution! Love all the inspiration photos. Also in awe of you owner building – I wasn’t brave enough but maybe next time! 🙂 Carmen

    • Thanks Carmen, yours is amazing too! so nice to see someone else with my taste in houses / finishings. Beaumonde are great we have built with them twice before I am sure they will do a great job. As for the owner building its already giving me grey hairs 🙂

  3. At the moment we are looking at a move in date around July if things go according to plan, but I guess we will find out how realistic that is going forward. Oh and I looove Manhattan! would love to have lived there! we were married there 12 years ago, love American architecture 🙂

  4. This is interesting for me I did not know what a weatherboard home was. Even having lived in Manhattan and Brooklyn Ig ot used to brownstones and apartment buildings. Seeing this develop will. be…amaaazing. Love it! What is your (supposed) end date?

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