The Inspiration for the build

I guess I should start this blog off by saying that my husband and I have built a few times before now but always through project builders in the past.
We are now embarking on our first owner builder project as we thought we have done it a few times previously and are not complete rookies to the building process, only time will tell if this will be of an advantage or not.

Living in Western Australia the preferred building product here is double brick, and having built two storey houses in the past we have had an average build time of 12-18 months. This time around we did some investigating alternatives and we came across a W.A. developed insulated panel called R9 greenwall which has a fibre cement outer skin and a high density urethane foam core that provides a high level of insulation ( the details of the product can be found by clicking the R9 link to the right of the blog) and the ability of the panels to be cut to size and detailed prior to them coming to site allow for a quick build time.

The style of house we had been thinking about for a while is based around an American coastal style, weatherboard character house. I’m loath to say Hampton’s style because that term is over used a lot at the moment, but below are a few pics of the style we are going for.

Weatherboard House

Weatherboard House

Coastal weatherboard

Coastal weatherboard

American weatherboard

American weatherboard


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4 thoughts on “The Inspiration for the build

  1. Hello…love the house design!!! I’m from Canada so I am looking at a unique (for here) design as well! My question(s) …did you have trouble finding a designer who was willing to work with the R9 panels? Did you have trouble finding tradies who were willing to work with the R9 panels? I was considering using SIPS panels for the roof as well…is your house nice and warm with the stick framed and insulated roof that you have? Thanks for any input you might have!!!

    • Hi Mike, We were lucky enough to have an architect who was familiar with the panels but there are now quite a few people using them so it shouldn’t be a problem, not sure about Canada though but the building industry is far more progressive than here I am sure it would’t be too hard.
      Our house is very warm with just the stick frame colorbond and insulation bats that we have, and even more so very cool in Summer. I guess using sips as well for the roof would give you that extra insulation that you would need in Canada. Good luck with the build!

  2. We just love your blog and your home is absolutely amazing! Well done. We are also looking at owner building with R9 panels so your blog is a great help. We’re building in Mandurah and need to demolish then build so the faster build time is very appealing. We were most interested in your windows from Thailand. Where did you find the supplier?

    • Hi Annette, R9 should be able to organize the windows for you as well. Last I heard they were making their own. Ours were through Fletchers windows an N.Z. company that manufactures out of Thailand.
      Hope this helps.

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